About Us

Dynamic Coders is a development company that is located in Pretoria, South Africa. We specialise in website design, web development, bespoke cloud-based solutions and application development.

We are at the forefront of the IT industry and we pride ourselves in assisting enterprising individuals and corporations to bring their ideas to life by using the latest technologies. Dynamic Coders specialises in concept formulation, custom design, software, web, and application development. At Dynamic Coders, we clearly establish the business needs and processes of our clients, and endeavor to develop custom software that will enhance their business and streamline their management.

Development Process

Dynamic Coders follows an modular development methodology. This means that we develop parts of a system in small increments. This process allows our clients to start testing parts of the system live whilst we are still in the development stages, this assist our clients with greater satisfaction and system usability in the end.

Our dynamic team comprises of experienced graphic, web and UX designers, software developers, IT consultants, project managers, SEO and social media experts that maintain a strong focus on research, innovation and development in a strong service culture. This winning combination guarantees that all products comply with best business methodologies. and ensures that we can provide leading edge technology to enhance your business

Our Process with Clients

All development quotations at Dynamic Coders originate from a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document that is created through intensive consultation and workshops with the intended system stakeholders and end users. This detailed document allows our developers to work in the most efficient and focused manner.

Multi-step process:

  • Client meeting to establish high level requirements
  • Specifications Workshop
  • Creation of a high-level BRS document
  • Creation of a detailed SRS
  • Development Quotation

This process ensures that we provide superior, cost effective products that will enhance your business process and allow you to focus on your goals.